Fulcrum III SHV V4 Released


Please see below list to know what is the different between Fulcrum III SHV V3 vs V4

Qty of  Mosfet                                      48                                                  60                                         

Insider coolingfan power                    no                                                  yes

Connection to computer             HiFei USBlinker                       Common USB cable

Enhance Anti-Spark Circuit                 no                                                  yes    

For details : https://www.hifei.com/fulcrum-esc

Fulcrum III SHV V4

Fulcrum III SHV V3

Fulcrum III SHV V4.png

HiFei FOC controllers are available in HiFei Dynamics Technology


HiFei Proudly  announced HiFei new generation FOC controllers  were available in HiFei Dynamics Technology ( www.HiFeiDynamics.com), as a sister company of HiFei Technology , HiFei Dynamics  focus on developing /researching and production FOC controllers in application of the commercial and industry.

Holiday Notice


We will close from 2th to 13th Feb 2019 for Chinese New Year, and will back to work on 14th Feb.

Greeting Everybody of HIFEI team and their families, wish you have a healthy,happy and wonderful 2019.

2018 Hobby EXPO China


HiFei will attend the 19th Hobby EXPO China in Beijing on 20th~22th Apr.  Welcome  stop by our booth ( No. F32-F33)and looking forward to meeting you.



The new generation of Swordfish ESC,  SWORDFISH X released......

​Know more about the Charactor of Swordfish X please see: here 



​FULCRUM III is the high-power ESC dedicated design for high power application.

Fulcrum III SHV ESC can handle up to 30 KW with 28S Lipo Cells (120 VDC ). 

​For more information about FULCRUM III SHV , please click: here

'MOZI' the first one solar-powered aircraft finished the maiden flight in Fuzhou


'MOZI'  solar-powered aircraft equipped with 4 ESCs which customized design by HiFei finished the maiden flight in Fuzhou on 9-12-2016.


Wingspan: 14 m

Take off weight: 45Kg

Payload: 7 Kg

video: www.facebook.com/hifeiesc

Helicopter used in agriculture equipped HiFei customized ESC


Agriculture spraying by remote helicopter is more and more popular in China, HiFei TEAM works with one of the famous UAV company to develop this customized ESC, and fulfilled the mass production,for more detail about the powerful ESC please contact us:info@hifei.com

'Mozi', the first one Solar-Powered Aircraft in China, equipped with HiFei ESC


HiFei TEAM proudly participated the Solar-Powered Aircraft Project:  'Mozi' .  It is the first one Solar-Powered aircraft in China which promoted by OXAI, the famous F3A aircraft manufacturer in the world.


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